How to Use Animated Elements from the Food 01 Style Kit as Transitions

In this blog, I want to cover some of the great elements inside of the Food Style Kit, but I also want to point out something that you might not have been aware of, and that is that some of the Animated elements in each of the Style Kits, can also be used as Transitions.  Let’s talk a little bit about how it’s done.

Again, we’ve been given some great elements to work with, but I’m going to pick one of the more simpler ones.  This anchor.


Now, as I’ve discussed in past blog posts, these elements have alpha channels that can be used to key this over top of footage, but inside of applications like After Effects, you can tell AE to turn off the key information, and just have it as a black and white element, meaning a Matte Key.  


Now we can use this element to transition footage onto the screen, or from one shot to another!


Now we can use this element to transition footage onto the screen, or from one shot to another!

Let’s be honest, this is a bit of an unconventional way of working with these elements, but I like coming up with completely new ways of using these style kit elements, as it helps me get even more bang for my buck, but let’s be honest, at $19 per Style Kit, these are already a steal.


One thing that I also encourage you to do is to watch the promo videos for all the Style Kits.  Sean and Stef do a fantastic job of putting these together, and they can give you some creative spark to get you going in the right direction.  You should also head over to their YouTube channel and check out Rampant Design for more tutorials about working with all elements across the entire Rampant Library.  Don’t forget you can check out the Food Style Kit, plus all the other Style Kits that Rampant offers at  Special thanks to Artbeats, for the use of the footage for this blog post!

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