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I need help.  I am currently writing a book and I need assistance with the design of the cover.  I am trying to find someone who is fluent with Photoshop and can create an extruded image of text for insertion into my book's cover layers.  I had tried using Fiverr, for those of you familiar with the site, but was unsuccessful at finding a designer who was fluent in achieving the look I was trying to obtain.  I have attached a file to my message that contains the word "Amplified".  What I am trying to do is make the work "Amplified" appear that the word itself is a 3D extruded representation of how you might amplify a word from a page.  I would like for it to "leap" from the page at the viewer, possibly from a slightly lower angle, and then rise above the page in an extruded fashion, at an angle.  I clumsily attempted to try to capture this effect when I created a PowerPoint presentation, but it appears pretty lame.  If there is anyone here that can recommend a designer consultant, I would be glad to receive quotes for someone to make my design in a format that can be inserted into a book cover design, web design, etc.  It must be a vector graphic format, compatible with both RGB and CYMK depiction online and hard format printing.

If I am seeking this help in the wrong forum, please point me in the direction of a suitable one.

I am including here the original project description that was presented at Fiverr:

See attached file.

Project Description:

Design a logo-style 3d extruded title for a book.

The word "AMPLIFIED" is to be the only word in the logo.

The 3D text may have artistic artwork features--like waves or other effects--in order to show emphasis on the word "AMPLIFIED".

The word "AMPLIFIED" must have a 3D extruded appearance that expands above the page to the right.

If initial design is accepted, copyright must be included in final delivery of the 3d artwork.

3D graphics required.

Full-Color graphics required.  (I prefer red-but a combination of color may be used for depth and perspective effects)

Must be printable on web formats and printing press formats. (RGB and CYMK)

Must provide initial submissions in .jpg format.

For final approval and payment of additional $30 the designer must provide final output in the following file formats:


The logo design will be loosely based on the .jpg file already submitted; however the designer may use discretion to make the logo more visible in 3D. I am interested in creativity being applied to this assignment and the finished logo does not have to look exactly like the example. Publication for print will be on a book measuring approximately six-to-nine inches across. Height of the logo will be proportional. Logo must be able to be printed on hardcopy printing press as well as web placement. (RGB & CYMK formats) The colors in the example are to be used as examples for the final logo design. The logo file format must be capable of being layered onto an existing publishing formatted graphics page.

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  • Hi there. This isn't really the place for a post like this. You most likely won't get any responses here. Our forum is for Rampant Customers who need additional support outside of our Youtube channel and tutorials. We don't have a job board like this and most likely nobody will respond as they aren't actively on this forum looking for work. We do have a Rampant user group on Facebook, but it's not a job board. You're welcome to reach out to people there, no guarantees that anyone will meet your requirements. May I suggest LinkedIN as well? Here is our FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rampantdesign/

  • its helpful for me

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