A Look at Snow Effects from the Holiday 01 Style Kit

Working in Television, I know that when the time comes to start getting ready for the holiday commercials, you could still have 90 degree weather outside, so it’s always a good idea to have elements like these at your disposal, so when a client comes asking, you’re ready to go.  This Style Kit, much like the Weather Style Kit, introduces us to another realistic element.  Snow!



For me, there’s no better look that a light leak effect, combined with some light snow.  It just seems to go together like peas and carrots (Forrest Gump reference there, if you didn’t catch it).


One thing that I love about the animated snow in this Style Kit is that it goes from the realistic, much like you see above, to the more animated and “traditional”.


I’ll be honest with you, this snow element makes me think back to the old Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer stop-motion animation Christmas special, that premiered in the 70’s. I’ve probably seen it every Christmas since I can remember, but what makes this interesting is that the Rampant element is giving me that feeling of nostalgia, and if one element can do that, and pound home a feeling like that, you’ll be able to reach out and connect with your audience in a way you never have before.

Something that is important for me to point out, before we wrap up is that with many of these Style Kits, Holiday is our example herethey’ve moved on past volume one, and are up to volumes four and five for some of them, so don’t forget you can check out the Holiday Style Kit, plus all the other Style Kits that Rampant offers at RampantStyleKits.com

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